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AskProjectAsk Dad and/or Mum Parents as Key Facilitators: an Inclusive Approach to Sexual and Relationship Education on the Home Environment

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Project partners are diverse in structure and mission. The partnership is formed by one Social Work university (DE), one organization specialized in Social research (P5), three NGOs working in the field of sex and relationships education and STDs prevention (P1, P3, P4). Furthermore, they come from countries where attitudes towards sexuality and sex education vary. The partnership includes countries from south and east Europe  (Italy and Lithuania) where sex education is shaped by a strong catholic influence, one country  from north Europe (Denmark) with a much more liberal attitude, and two intermediate countries of the German speaking area (Austria and Germany).

Every partner has previous practice in developing educational activities and developing materials in sex education, and knows the best available resources and approaches and constraints at national level; this project allows for a sharing of all these between partners, so to produce new tools and methodology worth at European level. On the other side, the strong stress on national dimension and culture and the sound needs and cultural difference analysis (WP3)  will result in materials and methodology fitting well with national frames of mind about sex education and parents’ involvement in it. The Tool Kit  will have one common part plus additional items (tasks, exercises) appropriate to the nature, mission and context of each partner.

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