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AskProjectAsk Dad and/or Mum Parents as Key Facilitators: an Inclusive Approach to Sexual and Relationship Education on the Home Environment


In the project framework will be developed a training programme (40 hours total) to be delivered to parents that don’t feel able to use the Tool Kit as a stand alone resource. The training programme will be structured so to be delivered face o face or at a distance through a web platform. The training programme will be based on the content and sections of the Tool Kit and the lessons plans and related materials of the E-learning version will be hosted on a web based Open Source Content Management System such as Moodle. The training programme will be structured by learning outcomes and structured in a way it can be used also for self administered learning on a stand alone base. The platform will contain a section where parents participating in the training can share their ideas and experiences, and interact with each other, so to promote  cooperative learning. The partners will find interested parents thanks to their networks.
The training programme will be developed in version 1 (before the pilot) and version 2 (after the pilot) by the WP responsible partner. The training programme will also serve as base for developing a 30 hours Grundtvig course on the same topic (see the Exploitation WP). The blueprint of the training doesn’t need to be adapted to national contexts, because refers mostly to pedagogical methodologies (list of topics to be addressed in every training unit, blueprint of each lesson, means for evaluation of learning outcomes, etc.).
Feedback about the training programme will be collected by participants by a focus group at the end of the course. Every partner will write a report on the results of the focus group.

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